Personalized, Focused Financial Advice

Questions you should ask yourself

  • When was the last time your advisor contacted you to explain your portfolio’s performance and provided a go-forward strategy that you felt confident in?
  • Does your advisor provide exceptional service only to those with a certain account size?
  • Does your advisor understand your needs, goals, and risk tolerance?


How are we different

You will know your advisor.


  • We contact with you on a quarterly basis regardless of account size.
  • We provide you with a quarterly performance report so you can measure your performance versus industry benchmarks.
  • We guide you through the process of creating a powerful investment plan and implementing it so you see results.


Strategy To Protect Your Wealth

Questions you should ask yourself

  • Have you been hurt by market volatility?
  • Does your advisor have a process or strategy to protect your funds?
  • Have you been holding the same investments for years?


How we are different

We study. We chart trends. We proactively adjust.


  • We measure risk in the market by analyzing credit conditions, market sentiment, and technical indicators.
  • We move you out of stocks to protect your hard earned money during market downtrends, or times of unhealthy market volatility.
  • We proactively remove underperforming investments in your account.


Decisions Made In Your Best Interest

Questions you should ask yourself

  • Is your advisor working for you, as your advocate, rather than in their own or their firms’ interest?
  • Do you understand how your advisor is being compensated?
  • Does your advisor have an incentive to promote certain investment products?


How are we different

We are a fiduciary, legally bound to put your interests first.


  • We are compensated by fees paid by you, not some large corporation or third-party.
  • We select investment vehicles that best suits your needs - not ours.
  • Duty to seek to control expenses on behalf of our clients and must disclose how we are compensated.


When you choose Breakwater Asset Management, you choose trustworthy, expertise and a commitment to excellence.


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