Investment Approach

Our approach helps investors navigate a very dynamic and changing global economy.


At Breakwater Asset Management, we believe that, a proactive, risk-based approach that aims to capture the market’s upside and minimize the downside serves investors best. We believe that minimizing the downside is essential to investment success, as investors may not have sufficient time to recover from large losses.


Our approach combines the use of diversification, security rotation and a market monitoring system to navigate today’s more complex and volatile markets. Using these three concepts, we developed a proprietary portfolio protection process, which seeks to mitigate the risks associated with broad market declines as well as eliminate emotional decision making that can severely damage a portfolio.


Breakwater Asset Management has a foundation for making intelligent, informed and objective investment decisions. Having this approach to investing gives us the ability to navigate the financial markets, and perhaps more importantly, protect your invested capital. Our clients are no longer held captive to traditional buy-and-hold strategies that invest in a portfolio of seemingly diversified holdings.


  • Eliminate emotional decision making that can severerly damage your portfolio.

  • Low cost investment products.

  • Flexibility to allocate to cash in downward trending markets.



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