Investment Strategy

Same amount of stock exposure in all market environments? We don't agree.



Many advisors focus on performance to the upside, even though history shows that avoiding the downside can have the largest impact on a portfolio’s performance over the long-term.

That’s why we developed an investment strategy that seeks to capitalize when the market goes up but also defends your portfolio from large market losses that may ultimately prohibit you from achieving your financial goals. Our highly-disciplined investment strategy adjusts the amount of risk you are taking during different market environments by increasing or decreasing your exposure to stocks. This proactive approach strives to grow your wealth during good times and protect your wealth during bad times.




Other features and benefits include: 


  • We invest your account into low expense exchange-traded funds (ETF) versus high fee, underperforming mutual funds. Click here to learn more about ETFs.

  • We diversify your account by investing a portion of your account in multiple global asset classes helping to reduce volatility.

  • We minimize taxes by investing in ETFs and selling under-performing securities in your account, also known as tax loss harvesting.


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