Investment Management

We serve clients throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and across the country.

Did you know that some investment firms place all of their clients into just three investment models? Attempting to use a conservative/moderate/aggressive platform is the same as saying that every client fits neatly into just three models. We believe that's unrealistic. That’s why Breakwater's Managed Asset Program offers a very specific, highly detailed asset allocation model.


Breakwater Asset Management can help you develop a cost-effective portfolio that's designed to meet YOUR financial needs, goals and seeks to generate higher returns with lower risk, rather than lump you into a model that may or may not be appropriate for your situation.


BAM Managed Asset Program


The BAM Managed Asset Program offers greater advantages compared to traditional mutual fund investing. For this type of account, the client pays Breakwater to buy individual ETFs, stocks, bonds, cash equivalents, and other investments, which are bought directly into the investor’s account.


The BAM Managed Asset Program features a single annual fee, calculated and generally debited quarterly from your brokerage account.


Our custodial services are provided by Folio Institutional, a division of FOLIOfn Investments, Inc. protecting your information and assets with proven technology, processes, and insurance.


The types of accounts we will manage include:


  • Retirement Accounts - Trad, Roth, Rollover and SEP IRA's

  • Individual & Joint Brokerage Accounts

  • Trust Accounts

  • Business Accounts

  • Non-profit Organization Accounts


How We Are Compensated


The annual fee for BAM's Managed Asset Program services will be charged as a percentage of assets under management, according to the following fee schedule:


Assets Under Management

Annual Fee (%)

First $500,000


Next $500,000


Next $2,000,000


Next $1,000,000


Next $1,000,000


Over $5,000,000



Accounts for members of the client’s family (husband, wife and dependent children) or related businesses may be assessed fees based on the total balance of all accounts.


The specific manner in which fees are charged by BAM is established in a client’s written agreement with BAM. BAM will generally bill its fees on a quarterly basis. Clients will be billed in advance each calendar quarter. Clients may also elect to be billed directly for fees or to authorize BAM to directly debit fees from client accounts. For Portfolio Management Services, management fees shall not be prorated for each capital contribution and withdrawal made during the applicable calendar quarter. Accounts initiated or terminated during a calendar quarter will be charged a prorated fee. Upon termination of any account, any prepaid, unearned fees will be promptly refunded, and any earned, unpaid fees will be due and payable. The client has the right to terminate an agreement without penalty within five business days after entering into the agreement.



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